We are so thrilled to have over 20 entries in the Xcel Energy Electric Light Parade!  The parade begins at 9th Street and heads south to 3rd St.  Lineup is at 815 p.m. on 9th St.

If you are there to watch the parade, please arrive early for best seating and please stay off the parade route.  It is dark and many of the floats do not see you if you are in their path.

Below is the lineup for the floats (subject to change).  We hope you enjoy the 2019 parade!

1 Obediah
2 UFO Museum
3 City of Roswell Visitor Center
4 City of Roswell Fire Department
5 X-Files car (Scott Makowitz)
6 Men in Blck
7 Prieto Family
8 Roswell Kazoo Band
9 501st Dewback Ridge
10 Alyssa Florida Galegos
11 Rachel Taylor
12 Louise Whitley
13 Paul Ingram
14 American Red Cross
15 Veteran Monster Truck
16 Area 52 LLC
17 BMX Riders
18 All Star Cheer
19 New Mexico National Guard
20 Stellar Coffee, Roswell Roller Derby, Metal Mark Eccletic,
& Moon Rock Outfitters
21 RoboTron Dancing Robots (2)
22 Friends of the Spring River Zoo
23 Raul (Eddie) Lomeli – 1959 Chevy Impala
24 Alex Stover Photo
25 Roswell Community Little Theater (Man of La Mancha Cast)
26 Joely Valdez
27 Lovelace Regional Hospital