Mark A. Magruder

Friday, July 4th • 4 p.m. • Convention Center Nancy Lopez/Robert Goddard Room • Lecture – Colonel Marion M. “Black Mac” Magruder, USMC, Aviator
Saturday, July 5th • 2 p.m. • UFO Museum Video Room • Lecture – Colonel Marion M. “Black Mac” Magruder, USMC, Aviator

MagruderMark A. Magruder, Son and Author of: Nightfighter: Radar Intercept Killer, Pelican Publishing.
The WWII biography of Colonel Marion M. “Black Mac” Magruder.
Pioneer in radar intercept night fighting and commanding officer of VMF(N)533, “Black Mac’s Killers,” Top scoring night fighter squadron in the Pacific Theatre in WWII.

First Marine Officer to attend and graduate from the USAF Air War College, 1947/8.  Also, graduate of the National War College 1955.

His class went to Wright Field for five days to witness the Roswell crash wreckage, dead and live Alien.  At the time the government was considering making the incident public.  The Air War College dealt with the geo-political aspects of military and civilian policy integration and the conjunctive ramifications of vital policy issues.  Their input was requested for this serious situation.  Within several weeks the subject “went black” and has remained “black” thereafter.  Colonel Magruder continued participation in the UFO issues and was directly involved with the July 26, 1952 Red Alert over Washington D.C. event, as well as additional related Top Secret Eyes Only subject-matter during his 26 year highly distinguished military career.

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