Friday, July 3rd • 10 a.m. • UFO Museum North Library •
Lecture – High Strangeness
Friday, July 3rd • 2 p.m. • Convention Center Nancy Lopez/Robert Goddard Room •
ET Contact: From Abduction to Transformation.
Friday, July 3rd • 6 p.m. • Convention Center Exhibit Hall •
Panel Discussion – The Abduction Panel
Sunday, July 5th • 3 p.m. • UFO Museum North Library •
Lecture – Betty and Barney Hill, Generational Contact and the Inconvenient Truth

MardenKathleen Marden is known around the world as an alien abduction/ET contact scholar, researcher, author and lecturer. Her educational background in the social sciences has shaped her effort to gain an understanding of the ET contact phenomena. Extensive research and investigation has convinced her that ET races are performing longitudinal studies on the human population. However, it is being covered up due to national security concerns.
Her interest in UFOs dates back to 1961, when her aunt, Betty Hill phoned her nearby home to report that she and Barney had encountered a flying saucer in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. A primary witness to the evidence of the UFO encounter and the aftermath, Kathleen has intimate knowledge of the Hill’s biographical histories, investigation files, and scientific interest in their sensational experience. One scientific experiment may have led to her personal memories of contact.
She is associated with the Mutual UFO Network, as its Director of Abduction Research and the Foundation for Research of Extraterrestrial Encounters, as an advisory board member and consultant to its research subcommittee. She is the recipient of MUFON’s 2012 “Ufologist” of the Year award.
Kathleen has authored three books, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, and Science was Wrong, with nuclear physicist/scientific ufologist Stanton T. Friedman, and The Alien Abduction Files, with Denise Stoner, and essays in several additional books. She spearheaded an extensive research project, with Denise Stoner, to identify little known commonalities among experiencers, in 2012. Her articles have been published in the MUFON UFO Journal, Open Minds, Alternate Perceptions and FATE magazines and on several websites. Kathy has appeared in television and radio programs in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, and has lectured throughout the United States.
You can purchase her books or read her articles at