Friday, July 4th • 2 p.m. • UFO Museum North Library • Lecture – Uncovering The Alien
Friday, July 4th • 6:30 p.m. • Convention Center Exhibit Hall • Discussion Panel – The Abduction Panel
Saturday, July 5th • 2 p.m. • UFO Museum North Library • Lecture – Medical & Scientific Evidence of UFO Contact

Derrel Sims Daily Workshops
Friday, July 4th, 10:30 -12 noon. $10 admission. All workshops are upstairs in the UFO Museum—take the elevator to the right as you enter the Gift Shop.)  Ghosts, Spirits, Aliens & Demons (Similarities and Distinctions)
Big Foot, Mothman, Satyrs, and other “Transgenics in History (Are they related or not?)

Saturday, July 5th, 10:30-12noon. $10 admission. All workshops are upstairs in the UFO Museum—take the elevator to the right as you enter the Gift Shop.)  “The Usual Suspects: An Alien Field Study”
Sims outlines the various alien types, why they look so different, and why they do the things they do in a particular sequence.  Also: Anyone can find UFO evidence! Come watch these Live Demonstrations in Alien Hunting 101.  “I investigate the sight of an alien encounter like I would a crime scene.”

Sunday July 6, 10:30am-12noon $10 admission.    All workshops are upstairs in the UFO Museum—take the elevator to the right as you enter the Gift Shop.)  “The Write Way: An insight into character analysis through handwriting” Is your mate, your spouse, your child or your business-partner trustworthy? Are you? What does your signature reveal about your character?  What does handwriting analysis NOT tell you about someone?
In this fun workshop, you’ll be invited to write a short piece and then privately analyze it in class as Mr. Sims reveals the traits, characteristics, needs and goals you might find there. Your instructor has extensive training in handwriting analysis and many other disciplines including linguistics and Time-line Therapy.  In his work as a Real Estate investor and private investigator, Derrel uses graphoanalysis and other skills to assess those he comes into contact with. It also helps him uncover the truth about your alien experiences!
“Handwriting is brain writing.”                                                  P.S. Bring your favorite pen or pencil!

SimsDerrel Sims, CMHt.,“The Alien Hunter,” has been at the forefront of alien investigation for more than 35 years. From ages 4 to 17, he experienced numerous conscious contacts with a malignant alien presence. Determined to transform his life role from the “hunted” to the “hunter,” he prepared himself mentally, physically, and spiritually to become a warrior for the cause of the alien abductee.

At the heart of Sims’ work is a proactive search for physical evidence and its forensic analysis. A private investigator and former MP, he treats abduction cases like crime scenes.  By the early 1980s, he’d begun assembling his groundbreaking collection of alleged alien implants; in 1995, he organized the first public extractions and subsequent analysis of more alleged alien artifacts. Other landmark cases include the 1992 Double Mass Abduction, and his discovery of sub-dermal alien fluorescence. Trace evidence such as this are currently undergoing DNA testing. Sims’ scientific and academic “Dream Team” of consultants includes 2 Cardio Vascular Surgeons, a Brain Surgeon, 4 Md.’s, and a criminal forensic scientist from a major university and an ultra-tech specialist, currently conducting a 2-year study on Sims’ implant samples.  This work is a culmination of 24 surgeries to date from the 1980’s, to the latest one, in Flint, Michigan, last month.

Sims’ hundreds of case files give him a unique view of the relationship between alien and prey, and he is a sought-after consultant to mental health professionals worldwide. His numerous hypnotherapy certifications include one in hypnotic anesthesiology.

Sims is also a compassionate and skilled therapist with many certifications, including Master Hypnotherapist and Certified Medical Hypnotic Therapist. He has helped hundreds of alien experiencers all over the world come to terms with what they’ve witnessed. A frequent media guest, he is currently co-starring in the Discovery network TV series, “Uncovering Aliens.”
Website: Facebook: Twitter: @alienhunter007
Sims is a popular media guest and draws a crowd all over the globe. He’s authored two books, “Alien Hunter: The Evidence in Light” and “Alien Hunter: Evidence and Truth about Alien Implants”.