Friday, July 3rd • 2 p.m. • UFO Museum North Library •
Lecture – What Aliens May Actually Look Like
Friday, July 3rd • 6 p.m. • Convention Center Exhibit Hall •
Panel Discussion – The Abduction Panel
Saturday, July 4th • 2:30 p.m. • UFO Museum North Library •
Lecture – Analyzing Abductee Drawings

Derrel Sims Daily Workshops
Friday, July 3rd, 10:30 -12 noon. $10 admission. All workshops are upstairs in the UFO Museum—take the elevator to the right as you enter the Gift Shop.)  “Medical & Scientific Evidence of UFO Contact:”  NEWEST DATA ON ALIEN IMPLANTS:  New Surgeries planned: A former Asst. Attorney General, A mil-ab (mil-intel) case and a hospital Nurse in Houston’s case.  Sims will discuss his discoveries of alien implants,
“While genuine alien implants are extremely rare–we find them in less than 1% of our cases
—I have found some that appear to be genuine.”
Saturday, July 4th, 10:30-12 noon. $10 admission. All workshops are upstairs—take the elevator to the right as you enter the Gift Shop.)  HOW TO FIND UFO EVIDENCE: (SPECIAL EQUIPMENT PROVIDED FOR YOU TO USE).  Come and have some Cop fun! With a real Ex-Cop and Ex Intell guy.  Anyone can find UFO evidence! Come watch these methods, (and participate), with Derrel in these Live Demonstrations in Alien Hunting 101.  Fluorescent traces and other evidence “they” leave on you!  What do the patterns reveal? What can we surmise about their agenda? What have we learned over the years from studying physical traces?
“I investigate the sight of an alien encounter like I would a crime scene.”
Sunday July 5th, 10:30am-12noon. $10 admission.    All workshops are upstairs in the UFO Museum—take the elevator to the right as you enter the Gift Shop.)  “The Write Way: An insight into character analysis through handwriting” Is your mate, your spouse, your child or your business-partner trustworthy? Are you? What does your signature reveal about your character?  What does handwriting analysis NOT tell you about someone?
In this fun workshop, you’ll be invited to write a short piece and then privately analyze it in class as Mr. Sims reveals the traits, characteristics, needs and goals you might find there. Your instructor has extensive training in handwriting analysis and many other disciplines including linguistics and Time-line Therapy.  In his work as a Real Estate investor and private investigator, Derrel uses graphoanalysis and other skills to assess those he comes into contact with. It also helps him uncover the truth about your alien experiences!
“Handwriting is brain writing.”                                                  P.S. Bring your favorite pen or pencil!
SimsDerrel Sims is a licensed private investigator who worked undercover for the CIA during his military service.  He claims to have been abducted by aliens from the age of 4 until he was 17, when his contact with evil entities ended violently. From then on, Derrel determined to transform his life role from being the “hunted” to the “hunter” of the alien prey.  His determination kicked into overdrive when, years later, he realized the aliens had begun abducting his 5-year-old son.
In Derrel’s 40 years of field research, he has drawn on all his investigative, psychological and forensic training to track down evidence of alien activity. This led to Derrel’s ground-breaking discoveries of alien implants being inserted into abductees, perhaps to influence or alter their behavior; and alien fluorescence, a kind of indelible “fingerprint” that the alien leaves behind on an abductee or their surroundings. In 1992, the press dubbed him, “the Alien Hunter,” and the nickname has proven an apt description of Derrel’s mission.
Derrel has a unique insight into the alien organization which he believes functions similarly to an intelligence agency. He suspects that the alien uses similar covert techniques to spy on and manipulate humankind as he witnessed when working for the CIA during the Cold War. And just as military/intel operatives might try to brainwash a captured spy or POW, Derrel believes the alien is able to alter an abductee’s perception of their experience. Over the years, he’s put to use his many hypnotherapy certifications to unravel this alien mind control, and says he’s even trained his own Manchurian candidates as warriors in the alien resistance.
A coalition of top-secret government, military and intelligence factions are well aware of the alien presence on Earth, claims Derrel, and he says they’re using ‘black ops’ to monitor ET activities. Tactics include unmarked black helicopters and jeeps as well as armed military personnel dressed in civilian clothes that are deployed to UFO hotspots. Derrel has even uncovered witnesses to military shoot-downs of UFOs, done to capture and analyze the exotic technology.
Derrel strongly believes that the American people should be told the truth: “Aliens are among us and they are not here for good!”