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Written by on June 4, 2018

Supporters and Fans,

The Launch of Mars 2147 will be postponed until the 2019 UFO Festival.
Originally slated to open at the UFO Festival this July, several
factors, technical and logistical, have caused us to push the launch

Our goal is to create an amazing entertainment that people love. We have
high standards for the type of experience we provide, and due to several
unforeseen issues, we need more time to get it right.

Roebuck Entertainment’s focus is creating great attractions for our
region of the state and country. Mars 2147 will join the Roswell
Christmas Railway as an experience we can all be proud of. We are
excited to bring these and more attractions for tourists and locals.

We are sad to have to wait to share Mars 2147, but we think the wait
will be worth it. In the mean time be sure to get out to the UFO
Festival this year, as there will be lots of fun things to do. See [1] for more info.

As we continue to work on Mars 2147 you can follow our progress on
Facebook at [2]


Roebuck Entertainment Creative Team


This event is not hosted by 2018 UFO Festival Committee.  This is run by a third party.

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