UFO Festival

One more day until the 2017 UFO Festival

Finally!  It’s here!  If you live close to Roswell you will most likely be on the road today.  If you are coming from the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area, be sure to take the Musical Highway off the old Route 66.  You won’t regret it.  Stay safe and we will see all of you in Roswell […]

2 more days until the 2017 UFO Festival!

We can feel the excitement mounting!  Two more days!  We hope you have downloaded our schedule to see what amazing things you want to do over the four day Festival!

3 more days until the 2017 UFO Festival!

3 days, 72 hours, 4320 minutes…..

So close, yet so far.  Relax, it will be here soon!

4 more days until the 2017 UFO Festival!

Well, if you live far, far away (maybe another galaxy), you will probably begin your travels to Roswell today!  Don’t get lost.  Be safe and have fun!  Be careful of TSA if you are flying, they may think you are an alien.

5 more days until the 2017 UFO Festival!

By now you are getting very excited about this year!  70 years since the crash, it will be amazing!  Be sure to have someone scheduled to feed the pets, bring in the paper and mail and water the lawn.

6 more days until the 2017 UFO Festival!

Start packing, you don’t want to forget anything.  Especially sunscreen and cool clothes.  When we say cool, we mean cool to stay cool.  Understand?  Chill, forget the name brands, you just don’t want to overheat.  There will be so many aliens around, nobody will even notice.  Just stay cool.


Best Summer Festivals for 2017

More and more people are realizing just how amazing the 2017 UFO Festival in Roswell, NM is!  Even Groupon has figured it out!

Check it out!

If you love the War of the Worlds and Magic…..

Don’t miss the dramatic recreation of Orson Welles War of the Worlds at the 2017 UFO Festival!  We also have a whimsical, family friendly magic and alien encounter scheduled with the Great FooDeeny. Both brought to you by Way Way Off Broadway! Visit us online for more information!


7 more days!

The countdown begins.  Be sure you have your float and/or costume ready for the final touches!

Enter the Selfie Contest when you are in Roswell!

Touch down in the Visitors Center during the UFO Festival and take an “out of this world” selfie with our local big-eyed grey extraterrestrials! Then, post your galactic pic with #seeroswellnm, #ufofestival or #ufomuseum to get a mood pencil and memorabilia of Roswell.  It’s all the “proof” you’ll need of your visit!

Located at 912 […]