Check out the amazing creativity in out entries for the 2020 Virtual UFO Festival Costume Contest!

Thank you everyone for entering.    Here are the winners.

Human Contest

Category                                           Entry

Alien Adult                                       1st – Visitor

2nd – Little Green Me

Alien Youth                                      1st – No Entry

Cosplay/Steampunk Adult           1st – Arthur

Cosplay/Steampunk Youth          1st – Steampunk Girl

Gaming/Film (TV) Adult                1st – “Roswell” Crash Down Waitress

Gaming/Film (TV) Youth               1st – Swap Sans (Blueberry)

Group Adult                                     1st – Boba Fett & Princess Leia

Group Youth                                    1st – Spirited Away Sisters

Pet Contest

Category                                           Entry

1st – Astropups

1st – Marvin the Martian

Both tied for first and so both will receive $100


The contest has closed, but we have been asked to still allow uploads that will not be entered in the contest, but people can view them across the world. The images below include those.

If you would like to upload yours, you can here.